PRP & PRF Under Eye Injections

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PRP INJECTIONS…For A Younger Looking You!

What are PRP/Injections? - Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an autologous concentration of platelets, which are naturally present in the body and contain growth factors that stimulate tissue regeneration. PRP helps to promote collagen production, improve skin tone and texture, reduce wrinkles, even out skin discoloration and improve overall appearance. In addition, PRP can also help reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and promote healing of damaged tissues. PRP can also be activated(mixed) with Calcium (Ca) and be injected into areas of the face or body where it acts as a natural filler!

How are PRP Injections Performed? - The procedure for PRP injections is relatively simple and quick. First, a small sample of blood is taken from the patient, then the platelets are separated from other components in the blood by a centrifuge machine(spins the blood tube). Depending on the treatment we then activate the Concentrated platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with Calcium (Ca)where it is  injected directly into the area of skin being treated.  If Ca is used within a few minutes the activated PRP expands while taking shape of the area injected giving the area extremely natural looking volume. 

Are PRP Injections Safe? - PRP injections are a safe and natural way to reduce the signs of aging, enhance skin tone and texture, improve overall complexion, and even out discoloration without surgery or downtime.

When Will I See Results & How Long Do They Last? - The results can be seen within a few weeks after treatment. However, it is important to remember that results may vary from person to person and additional treatments may be needed. Like with any injectable the duration of effectiveness of PRP depends on your body’s rate of metabolism and can last from 2 - 6 months!

Consultations - At Simply Me Skin Care & Med Spa, our experienced team of Nurses are here to provide you with safe, effective treatments that will help you look and feel your best! Schedule an appointment today for a personalized consultation to discuss the benefits of PRP injections! We look forward to helping you achieve beautiful, healthy skin!



PRP Under Eye Injections (Stem Cell Rejuvenation)

45 min | $650

IT'S ALL YOU! - We use your Growth Factors as "Natural Filler" to help reduce puffiness, Dark circles, wrinkles & fine line. PRP or PRF also improves overall texture & tone of the delicate skin around your eyes for a younger looking appearance. The process of applying PRP / PRF is simple & painless for most patients. After aseptically cleansing around the eye area, a very thin needle is used to inject small amounts of platelet rich plasma into the area.

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