Face Reality Acne Program

by Simply Me Skin Care

If You Are a New Client Suffering with Difficult to Treat Acne, This Message Is For You! - Ivonne L.E. / Owner


My Name is Ivonne Fiorillo I am a Face Reality Certified Acne Specialist, Lead Esthetician & Owner of Simply Me Skin Care & Med Spa & Guess What? . . . I Suffered From Really Bad Acne Just Like You! I can relate to every one of our clients who walked threw our doors as a last resort, completely ready to give up the fight against my Cystic Acne-tic Skin. Prior to Finding Face Reality's Program I had tried everything and even as an Esthentidian got discouraged because I couldn't treat my own skin. I decided to take a leap of faith and try Face Reality. I started there 90 Day Program followed it to the “T” and next thing you know was opening my own Acne Clinic so I could share my story and this Brand with the rest of those out there who were just like me and letting Acne Control My Life.” 

What is Face Reality? - Face Reality is the leading brand in non-comiogenic skin care for acne prone clients. Face Reality and its team did with no other brand had the nerve or patience to do. They took all the gunk and junk out of their skin care and focus their products strictly for those who have acne prone skin. Their active ingredients focus on targeting acne bacteria while complementing each other for a balanced routine. When Face Reality is used correctly, it has the ability to treat even the most cystic, hormonal acne. 
What is the Simply Me Skin Care Acne Program by Face Reality? 

"Simply Me Skin Care & Med Spas Acne Program is a 90 day program that meets every 2 weeks for a series of customized chemical peels that target Acne Bacteria while Exfoliating the Skin & Maintaining Balance & Hydration" 

  • BOOKING YOUR “ACNE TREATMENT & CONSULTATION” - This is recommended Over our Regular Acne Consultation. During the "Acne Prog consultation & treatment” We go over the details of the program, pricing, and to experience the first acne peel that same day. If after your treatment you decide to move forward with the program We will wave Your Acne Treatment & Consultation Fee!
  • Every product is Spot tested on your skin prior to leaving the salon & your home care regimen will be completely customized for your skin & will be adjusted every two weeks as needed.
  • No products go to waste! Although Face Reality is very expensive compared to other medical grade, skin care brands we still take your budget and cost for products very serious. You will always work within your budget to get you the absolute best skin as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Payment plan option’s Are available -  For clients who are interested in starting the program.
  • During the program we are not just putting a Band-Aid on the acne by treating it, but rather finding out with the root cause of your acne are.
  • Every Service we will go over your Simply Me Skin Care acne program pocket which you will get on the first day of your program this packet includes: A life-saving pore, clogging, ingredient list, lifestyle changes, affecting acne, foods, affecting acne, medication’s affecting acne, workout tips & tricks for those who are acne prone & much more!
Is this Program Right For Me? Great question and we get it a lot. . .
  • If you are someone who is having acne breakouts often enough to wear, you're getting new breakouts before your old breakouts have even cleared, then this program is perfect for you.
  • Acne that lingers for long periods of time can become problematic in other ways leading to acne blemishes and scarring or sometimes even infection.
  • If you have a difficult time treating your Acne with either other over-the-counter products and/or medical grade skin care brands, then this program just might change your life.
  • If you are someone LIKE ME who refuses to the Prescription medication for Acne then this program is right for you!
  • If you are ready to learn how to not only treat your acne but also learn how your products work so you can maintain and keep your skin clear for the rest of your life. . . then this prog is PERFECT FOPR YOU!
  • After performing hundreds of treatments & having a 100% Success rate on clearing my clients in 90 days sometimes (3-4 months) the question for me is no longer does this program work but rather, are you willing to do what it takes to fight your Acne & Win!

Want To Learn More About Our Acne Program and Pricing?

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Acne Specialist & Program Consultation

$50 / 30 min | *Information Only / In-Person Only: Learn more about our amazing 3 month Acne Program by Face Reality. Performed by one of our Experienced Acne Specialist who will perform a detailed Skin analysis to help determine if this Program is right for you!

Acne Specialist & Program Consultation

(In-Person Only • 30 min • $50)


*PLEASE NOTE: - We recommend that clients with Acne who are interested in learning more about our acne program but who are also open to receiving an acne treatment the same day to Please book our
- “ACNE PROGRAM TREATMENT & CONSULTATION” (*Required Prior To Starting Our Program). 


This Consultation is for those who are serious about learning more about our 3 month Acne Program & who suffer from either hard to treat acne or Acne that is constant & long lasting. This is a perfect opportunity for clients with moderate to even the most sever cystic acne. There is no Acne that we can’t Treat! Please come prepared with questions for your Acne Specialist. Do to our high demand of clients anting to enter the program we ask that you arrive 15min early to your consultation with a Clean face & no makeup so we may perform a detailed skin analysis on you allowing us to help decide if this program is right for you! 

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Simply Me Skin Care’s Acne Program Treatment & Consultation

90min | $300 (waived if you decide to start the program on the day of your consultation)

Simply Me Skin Care Acne Program Consultation + Acne Peel Treatment by Face Reality


This service includes a 30 min consultation explaining the details of our 3 month 6 Chemical Peel treatment plan witch includes a fully customized product line by the world famous Face Reality. All products are spot tested on our clients skin every two weeks after coming in for their 1st PRIORITY & REGULARLY SCHEDULED ACNE PEELS. This program is for those who are tired of suffering from HARD TO TREAT ACNE OR SEVER ACNE & who are prepared to commit to guidance & lifestyle changes!


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Simply Me Skin Care 3 month Acne Program by Face Reality


Simply Me Skin Care 3 month Acne Program by Face Reality

*REMINDER: - Clients Must 1st book the "Simply Me Acne Treatment & Consultation Before Booking This Program.

“Congratulations You have taken the 1st step toward finally clearing your acne for GOOD!” - IVONNE OWNER  /ACNE SPECIALIST

 Over the next three months we will be getting to know each other very well. We are extremely passionate for our clients who decide to start this program. It will take dedication, time, lifestyle changes and courage to get threw it, but don't worry, we will be with you every step of the way! This program Includes your first consultation & treatment then 5 more 1 hour long Treatments twice a month, for 3 months.

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