"Mr & Mrs Confidence” Intimate PRP Shots

Rejuvenate, Stimulate & Enhance Vaginal & Penile Function

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AGE IS NOT ALWAYS A FACTOR––“Health, Happiness & Confidence!"

Mr & Mrs Confidence PRP Shot. . . .


Our “Confidence" PRP SHOT is Well Known to Some as the “O-Shot” or “Orgasm Shot” For Women and the “P-Shot” or Priapism Shot” For Men. These treatments are FDA approved to help Sexual Dysfunction and/or Intra-vaginal or Penial difficulties that sometimes come with Age, Pregnancy, other Health conditions or Genetics. 

How Is The Treatment Performed?

One of our experienced Medical Providers starts by Numbing the Area with a Topical Numbing Cream. Then We draw a small sample of your blood from your arm that is then spun in a device that separates the red blood cells from the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) a gold-colored, nutrient-dense "serum". This is then painlessly injected in the Clitoris & Vaginal Opening for women, & For Men in 3 various areas of the corpus Corpuscavernosum of the penis.

  • In Women -Our 'Mrs. Confidence  PRP Injections increase Blood flow & Sensitivity of the Clitoris in a pleasurable way. Women who experience the Shot describe the benefits to be mostly related to better Sex-function, Less Painful Sex,  Stronger Orgasm, the Ability to have an Orgasm, Increased lubrication, Decreases in Common Bacterial / Fungal Infections. 
  • In Men - Specific areas of the penis are numbed with local anesthesia and then injected with the PRP. Once it has been injected, it will stimulate blood flow in the blood vessels and the growth of new tissue, allowing an increase in terms of size, sexual stamina, and performance.

Who is a good candidate for the Shot?

  • Anyone - who suffers from urinary incontinence or sexual health problems or looking to enhance sensitivity or wanting longer stronger orgasms. 
  • For Women - who have Vaginal dryness, pain during sex, visible changes to the vulva, or chronic pain & difficulties having an orgasm. 
  • For Men - who have erectile dysfunction, difficulties with ejaculation, or who want longer stronger erections &/or orgasms. 

What to expect during recovery

  • Recovery is quick. You should be able to resume normal activities, like work or school, the same day or the next. 
  • Avoid having sexual intercourse for a couple of days after the procedure to avoid infecting the injection sites.
  • Try to limit intense physical activity for a couple days, too, so that sweating or chafing doesn’t irritate the area.

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"Mr. Confidence PRP Shot" (Penile Stimulation & Enhancement)

* Includes - • Topical Numbing Cream • Single Priapus Treatment (3-5 Shots) • Post Treatment Penis Pump | $750 / 60 min

"Enhance your Intimate Life . . . Feel Confident Again!"

  • Penis Rejuvenation, Stimulation & Enhancement"
  • Increase Girth & Length up to 1 inch (Results Vary from person to person)
  • Stronger Longer Lasting Erections & Orgasms 
  • Downtime 24 hrs (No Sex / No Excessive Physical Activity

* Results & effective Duration of Treatment Vary from person to person, Some Clients may need more than 1 Treatment. 

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"Mrs. Confidence PRP Shot” (Vaginal Stimulation & Rejuvenation)

* Includes - • Topical Numbing Cream • Single Treatment (3-5 Shots) • Post Treatment
"Be In Control. . . Vaginal Rejuvenation, Stimulation & Enhancement!”
  • Healthier Vagina 
  • Increase in Clitoral sensitivity  & Vaginal lubrication / Hydration
  • Stronger Longer Lasting Erections & Orgasms 
  • Downtime 24 hrs (No Sex / No Excessive Physical Activity

* Results & effective Duration of Treatment Vary from person to person, Some Clients may need more than 1 Treatment. 

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