We’re Brining You A New Kind of ALL NATURAL FILLER LOOK!

WHAT ARE DERMAL FILLERS? - Dermal fillers are smooth injectable gels composed of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid which add volume to weakened facial features. HOW DO FILLERS WORK? - These fillers restore the face to a natural, more youthful appearance by plumping the skin and gently lifting it. WHAT AREAS CAN I TREAT? - Most commonly treated areas are Nasolabial Folds, oral commissures, cheeks, chin, jawline, temples, and lips. ARE THERE ANY SIDE-EFFECTS? - Here at Simply Me Skin Care & Med Spa we use only the best Filler Brands including Gallerma’s Newest Restylane Line of Fillers & Allergan Historically Known for its Juvederm Line.

These fillers are Approved by the FDA, they are minimally invasive with minimal risks. The most common side effects are mild bruising and swelling post-procedure & normally resolves within 1-3 days. HOW LONG DOES IT LAST? - Treatment takes 20-40 minutes and results are typically seen immediately after while lasting 6-24 months depending on type and amount used.DOES IT HURT? - NO … We are so confident in our Advanced Techniques that Most of our clients Do NOT REQUIRE ANY TOPICAL NUMBING! Although we do offer Medical Grade topical numbing & offer an Expert PAINLESS- CANNULATED DENTAL BLOCK for ALL CLIENTS! Our Fillers also have Lidocaine in them so the treatment area gets more numb as we proceed. This allows for better patient comfort and less chances for injury from having lips that are numb for longer than they need to be once you leave! WHY BOOK WITH US? - We take pride in listening to our clients wants and take our time to ensure we deliver the exact results you are looking for. We understand the importance of keeping the Face looking Natural when treating areas of concern. We are able to do so by using only the best filler technology allowing for natural movement and feel no matter what area we are treating. Our experienced injector/s are here to make sure you leave with the exact desired look you have always wanted! Not sure what you’re looking for? Thats ok…Here at Simply Me Skin Care & Med Spa we take our time and will explain the differences in all our fillers and treatment options to ensure you feel comfortable & confident in your decision. No Pressure, No Rush we are ready when you are!





Lip Filler Pricing

* Restylane KYSSE = $675 "Voted Best Filler" 

• Juvederm VOLBELLA = $750/Syringe (1/2 syringe = $600)

• Juvederm ULTRA XC = $575 

Face Filler Pricing

• Juvederm: VOLBELLA, VOLLURE OR VOLUMA = $750/Syringe

• Restylane: LYFT = $575/Syringe 

• Restylane: CONTOURE OR DEFYNE = $675/Syringe 


LIP FILLER with Restylane KYSSE

30 min | $675 / Syringe

Why Restylane KYSSE Lip Filler? - Kysse provides long-lasting results with little risk compared to other cosmetic fillers available today. This is a very soft and natural-looking lip filler that tends to last longer than other similar fillers like Juvederm. This one of a kind filler was created specifically for the lips allowing injectors the ability to target specific areas to enhance features such as cupid’s bow shape & the corners of your mouth, Adding just enough volume for a natural look without appearing overdone or artificial.

  • Full Syringe = $675"VOTED BEST FILLER"

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60 min | ULTRA XC (Full Syringe) = $575 or VOLBELLA XC (Full Syringe = $750) (1/2 Syringe = $600)

What’s The Difference? - For you Juvederm lovers we have you covered! We carry both Ultra XC & our personal Favorite VOLBELLA!

 ULTRA XC - Is great for those looking for a very soft Natural look who may have some lips / volume & is just looking for a Re-fill, touchup or only wants mild Fullness/Firmness.

VOLBELLA - Is a long time favorite across injectors for its natural appearance and its Heavier Feel. VOLBELLA may be a perfect choice for those who suffer from very small lips with little to no volume or for those who my need a slightly heavy type of fullness to there lips especially the bottom lip! All in all both are still going to have the appliance off a smooth Fullness with Natural Look!

  • Juvederm VOLBELLA = $750/Syringe(1/2 syringe = $600)
  • Juvederm ULTRA XC = $575/Syringe 

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FACIAL FILLER Enhancement Only (Includes Consult)

45 min | JUVEDERM = $750+ • RESTYLAN = $575+

"It’s Never Too Late or To Early To Pamper Yourself!" Let us help you get the look you have always wanted while feeling welcomed, comfortable & confident in your decisions! We specialize in providing Natural Looking Fillers that not only look great but also feel just as real! Our advanced techniques have been described as “Painless & most clients don't even require any topical numbing”. (All of our Fillers Have Lidocaine for Numbing in them but Topical Numbing Is Always an Option For Those Who Feel They Need It!

Treatment Areas Include: 

  • Cheeks (Mid-Face)
  • Under Eyes (Mid-Face)
  • Jaws / Jaw Line (Lower Face)
  • Chin (Lower Face)
  • Naso-Labial Folds 
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FILLER + BOTOX Treatment (Includes Consult)

60 min | Fill Brands Include - JUVEDERM = $750+ or RESTYLAN = $575+ & Botox or Dysport = $10 - $12 Per Unit

”The Best Of Both Worlds” - This Treatment gives you and our expert Injector 60mins to discuss any and all areas of your Face, Neck or Body that you are interested in Treating with Both Botox & Filler! If you’re not sure what you have in mind thats ok! We will discuss pricing & Treatment options with you making sure you feel comfortable and confident in every decision! Keeping it natural is our motto so don't worry about feeling like “It will be to much” We are honest & make sure not to over do it”…Your in control were just here to help! 

FILLER - Treatment Areas Include:

  • Mid-Face = Cheeks & Under Eyes or Tear Troughs
  • Lower Face = Jaws or Jaw Line  • Chin
  • Lines & Folds =  Naso-Labial Folds • Peri-oral Lines or Lip Lines 
  • Body = Back of Hands & • Ear Lobe

BOTOX - Areas Priced $10-$12 Per Unit Include: 

  • Forehead Lines Crows Feet Elevens (11’s) Chin Dimples & • Brow Lyfts

* BOTOX - Specialty Areas / Fixed Rate Pricing Include:

  •  Lip Flip • Downward Nose (Nose Lyft) • Gummy Smile •  Kissing Lines • Mouth Frown Lines & • Bunny Lines” ≈ $130 
  • Under Eye Bags / Wrinkles: ≈ $150
  • Jaw Slimming or TMJ Pain, • Vertebral Bands (Neck Bands) ≈ $625
  • Neck Slimming( Trap’s Botox) ≈ $1,000 * NEW!

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PAINLESS Filler Dissolve

30 min | $200 (Includes 1st Vial) • Additional Vials = $130 Per Vial (*If Additional Vials are needed)

“Don't Let The Old Fillers Hold You Back”
Here it’s Simply Me Skin Care & Med Spa we are experienced in dissolving just about any type of filler and or complication. Let us Help you get ride of those old Filler Bumps so you may start on the path to reaching new healthy and natural looking Fillers again!

The Process is simple and PAINLESS! Our Nurse Staff have over 10 years of experience including all the tips and tricks to ensuring your Treatment is Painless! We simply Add a buffer medication called Sodium Bicarb to the Lidocaine prior to injection allowing for a comfortable and nearly Painless Treatment! 

  • This leaves the area numb for about 30 minutes after injecting the area of concern!
  • Then we perform a 5 -10 min genial massage! THATS IT!
  •  The Filler will then normally dissolved within a few hours (sometimes minutes).

*There will be some swelling from the injection that can take a day or 2 to resolve. We will have to wait a week before resuming any filler treatment. This allows your bodies natural Hyluroinic Acid to return back to the tissue ensuring it is healthy & ready for New Filler!


• Filler Dissolve Treatment = $200 (Includes 1st Vial)

• Additional Vials = $130 Per Vial (*If Additional Vials are needed)

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KYBELLA Injection “DOUBLE CHIN” Reduction

*Includes: Cleanse, Chin Mapping, Topical Numbing (30min), Treatment, Post Care Instructions / Ointment | 60 min / $700 Per Vial

What Is Kybella?

Kybella is an innovative and revolutionary injectable treatment used to reduce Sub-mental Fullness (Fat), commonly referred to as a “double chin." Approved by the FDA in 2015, Kybella is the only non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure available to eliminate fat under the chin. Kybella is composed of Deoxycholic acid, a molecule found in our bodies that helps break down fat.


*TIP FOR BEST RESULTS: For even better results Clients can combined Kybella with our MORPHEUS-8 UNDER-CHIN Treatment AKA OUR “CHIN UP TREATMENT”. The RF Energy from Morpheus helps to remodel Fat cells under the chin. This in combination with Kybella is an excellent way to Get AMAZING RESULTS QUICKLY AND MAY DECREASE THE NEED FOR multiple KYBELLA sessions. CALL OR BOOK NOW TO SPEAK TO OUR NURSING STAFF TO LEARN MORE!

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