Botox & Dysport

New Client Botox Speacial Only $10 Per Unit!


Botox & Dysport Details

What is Botox v.s. Dysport?  - Botox and Dysport are among the most popular cosmetic treatments available today, and can provide dramatic results with minimal downtime. Botox is an injectable form of botulinum toxin type A, while Dysport is a form of botulinum toxin type B. Both work to block nerve signals in the facial muscles, temporarily paralyzing them. This in turn reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. Botox and Dysport are commonly used to treat “crow’s feet” (wrinkles around the eyes), vertical lip lines, forehead wrinkles, and brow furrows. In addition to these cosmetic treatments, botulinum toxins can also be used to treat a variety of medical conditions, including muscle spasms, bladder control issues, and excessive sweating. Both Botox and Dysport have been proven through clinical trials to be safe and effective treatments for wrinkles and other signs of aging.

How Long does Botox Last? - The effects of these treatments usually last 3–6 months before needing to be repeated. 

Is there any downtime? - After receiving Botox injections, there is typically minimal downtime required. Immediately after the procedure, patients are advised to avoid any activities such as exercise and lifting heavy objects. These activities may cause the toxin to spread, reducing its effectiveness and possibly leading to unwanted side effects. Patients should also avoid other facial treatments for at least two weeks. 

Free Nurse Consultations - At Simply Me Skin Care & Med Spa, we understand how important it is to be able to get personalized advice and tailored treatments to help you look and feel your best. That's why we offer free 30-minute nurse consultations! Our highly trained and certified nurses are knowledgeable in the latest skin care and med spa trends, making sure that your experience is both enjoyable and informative. 

 ≈ Botox: Pricing Per Unit ≈ 

• 1st 20 units = $12 Per unit

• 20 unit Minimum: (Does Not Include Specialty Areas)

• 20+ units = $11 Per unit


 - ONLY $10 Per Unit - 

• Areas Priced Per Unit: Forehead Lines, Brow Lift, Crows Feet, Elevens (11’s) & Chin Dimples

Botox: "Specialty Areas & Pricing"

*Price Estimates Based on Average Units Needed for Best Results

*Please Note:  - Specialty areas are charged per service & NOT PER UNIT.

                                 - Discounts May Apply when treating the “Full Face” or More than 2 Different Areas”

• Under Eye Bags / Wrinkles: $200

• Jaw Slimming: *Estimated Price - $625

• TMJ pain: *Estimated Price - $625 

• Neck Bands: *Estimated Price - $625  

• Lip Flip: $120 

• Downward Nose (Nose Lyft): $120

• Gummy Smile: $120 

• “Kissing Lines”: $120 

• Mouth Frown Lines: $120 

• "Bunny Lines": $120 

Hyperhidrosis AKA Excessive Sweat Treatments

*Price Estimates Based on Average Units Needed for Best Results

• Under Arms: $1,100

• Sweaty Palms of Hands: $1,100

• Soles of Feet: $1,100

• Scalp: $1,100

Dysport Price Per Unit

• $5 Per unit



Botox Or Dysport Face & Neck Treatments

Approx. 30min | Botox = $11/Unit • Disport = $5/Unit

Soften Wrinkles on the Face Neck & Décolleté & More! Botox can also be used to help control oil production in clients who are acne prone!

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Areas Of The Face That Are Priced Per/Unit: 

  • Forehead Lines ≈ Brow Lift ≈ Crows Feet ≈ Elevens (11’s) & ≈ Chin Dimples
  • Massetters (TMJ/ Jaw Slimming),
  • Neck Botox aka (Platysma Muscle Band's Botox)  

Specialty Area’s = $120+

Specialty Areas For Face: ≈ Bunny Lines ≈ Down-turn Nose ≈ Nasolabial folds, ≈ Marionette lines, ≈Downturn Smile.

Specialty Areas For Eyes: ≈ Under Eye Bags / Lines 


Botox Lip Treatments

Approx. 30min : Specialty Area | $120 (Discounts available if treating more than 1 area)

Wrinkles around our mouth and lips can be frustrating -  Causes for these wrinkles can range from being genetics to life stye choices such as smoking. Other times it’s just another one of life’s signs that we are all aging humans. How you decide to look while you age is up to you and wear we come in! 

  • Click or Tap BOOK NOW To Choose Your Treatment Area (1st 20 Units = $12/Unit then $10 Per Unit After)
  • Specialty Areas For Lips: ≈ Lip Flip ≈ Gummy Smile or ≈ Lip Lines(Kissy/Smokers Lines)


Botox Body Treatments

Approx. 45min | CLICK "BOOK NOW" TO VIEW PRICING (Specialty Area Fixed Pricing)

What is Hyperhidrosis? - Hyperhidrosis is when you have excessive sweating that's not always related to heat or exercise. You may sweat so much that it soaks through your clothes or drips off your hands, arms or feet. Heavy sweating can disrupt your day and cause social anxiety and embarrassment. Botox has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment for many who suffer from excessive sweating. Botox when injected disrupts the sweat glands and prevents them from producing excess sweat. Including the Scalp!

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  • Specialty Areas For Body Treatments: • Hyperhidrosis Treatments (Armpits, Palms of Hands, Soles of Feet, Scalp) • Neck & •  Areas of Excessive oil or Acne!